ABX14 *
* End of Life - Replaced by ABX Series: ABX100 - ABX800 - ABX802

ABX14 *
* End of Life *

Advanced, High-Precision GPS Technology for Highly Demanding Applications

The ABX14™ from Ashtech is a cost-effective, sub-meter GPS+Beacon+SBAS receiver. It incorporates signals from Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS), such as WAAS, EGNOS & MSAS, or an embedded beacon receiver to provide sub-meter differential positioning.

The ABX14 comes standard as a 14-channel receiver with 12 GPS L1 code and carrier channels and two SBAS channels. Two additional DGPS beacon channels are available as an optional feature. The two SBAS channels can be configured as two additional GPS channels offering a total of 14 GPS channels. ABX14 can provide up to 20-Hz precise three-dimensional position and raw data for real-time guidance and navigation. ABX14 can output SBAS ranging, ephemeris and differential corrections through the serial port. While ABX14 offers three standard RS232 ports, it is capable of single port operation. In addition, ABX14 comes standard with User Defined Messages (UDM) software, a feature that enables the user to create custom messages.

ABX14 incorporates Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) that allows the receiver to detect and correct errors in the satellite signals. In addition, the ABX14 features Horizontal Protection Level (HPL) output for aviation applications such as Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) stations. It also features improved in-band and out-of-band interference rejection capabilities. For best performance, ABX14 can be configured to use a Kalman filter with adaptive dynamic mode or user can select dynamic modes such as walking, ship, aircraft, etc. to match the operating conditions.

RTK Engine
The ABX14 receiver now supports RTK positioning with reliable decimeter to centimeter accuracy. The ABX14 allows customers to choose from fixed centimeter solutions or fast decimeter (Flying RTK™) solutions with the new state-of-the-art Z-Blade technology. In addition, the ABX14 supports moving base operation and heading plus pitch or roll computation with auto-calibration for easy initialization. For best results, the ABX14 rover can be configured to use SBAS signals in addition to GPS for RTK positioning with RTCM 3.0-compatible base station. 

WADGPS Processing with (M) Option
The ABX14 WADGPS algorithm has been developed by Ashtech to provide a position solution using corrections coming from a network of up to 24 base stations. The ABX14 WADGPS algorithm has been extensively tested in operational conditions in various environments: North-Sea, Equatorial region and Southern Hemisphere, and has shown excellent results over medium-spaced (1500 km) network, even during ionospherically active days.

Integrated Differential Optimization (IDO)
With the IDO, you can choose either a single or multiple sources of corrections from up to seven sources/channels of corrections (serial port, SBAS, and beacon). Sources are selected in order of preference through a Primary-Secondary scenario mode or combined using a Multi-Base processing, automatically or manually.

Multipath Mitigation
Multipath is the single largest cause of differential GPS position errors. The Strobe Correlator (patent pending) is a digital signal processing technique implemented in the hardware and software of the ABX14 receiver that removes multipath errors almost entirely for reflected signals with delays of 37 m or more. This represents the best DGPS multipath mitigation available today in GPS receivers - and it is available standard with the DG14.