SkyNav GG12W

SkyNav GG12W

GPS+SBAS All-in –View Positioning Single Receiver Solutions

With over 10 years of experience in high-precision receiver design, we have developed an OEM GPS and GPS+SBAS™ receiver explicitly for the aviation industry. The SkyNav GG12W from Ashtech is ideally suited to integration within Technical Standard Order (TSO) Flight Management Systems (FMS), ground-based reference stations for GPS aircraft landing systems (SCAT I and LAAS) and other avionics. In addition to traditional GPS receiver design and ISO 9001 engineering practices, the GG12W design team adhered to FAA/RTCA design criteria.

The SkyNav GG12W software has been developed in accordance with the requirements for RTCA DO-178B Level ‘B’ (Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification). The hardware and software have been developed to conform to the RTCA DO-208 (MOPS for Airborne Supplemental Navigation Equipment Using GPS) and RTCA DO-229D (MOPS for GPS/WAAS Airborne Equipment) requirements. The receiver capably operates in autonomous or SBAS differential mode, making it ideal for all phases of flight, including precision approach. It also provides code and carrier data for ground reference station operation.

The SkyNav GG12 receiver features extensive anti-jam capabilities in the RF hardware.  The receiver meets the CWI (continuous Wave Interference) specification from RTCA DO-208 and DO-229D (WAAS MOPS).

12 Parallel Channel Receiver

The SkyNav GG12W GPS receiver incorporates tracking of up to 12 satellites with a “loss of lock” re-acquisition time of less than 3 seconds. Ten channels are assigned to GPS and 2 channels are assigned to SBAS. The criteria of satellite selection implements the requirements of RTCA/DO-229D.



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